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A supermarket gift card – the best gift for students

A supermarket gift card – the best gift for students

March 27, 2023
By Content Team
Find out why Supermarket gift cards are the ultimate gift for students, with plenty of choice to stock up the fridge.
Students in supermarket trolleys

A supermarket gift card is a great gift to give a student. Whether they have just started their university adventure or they are settled in to university life, a gift card for a supermarket will always come in handy. No matter the occasion gifting a supermarket gift card will always be appreciated, whether it is to give a helping hand for the start of the academic year or to celebrate a birthday or Christmas. Here are a few ideas of what a supermarket gift card would be used for…

P.S. – We stock gift cards for top supermarkets such as ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Food glorious food!

Every student does a double take at their bank balance when their lovely student loan lands in their bank account, but we all know it won’t stay there for long.

Budgeting is a learning curve for every student. For some it is easy and for some, well not so much. For a student at some point in their university career the fridge and cupboards will be empty, their bank balance will be looking the same, and this is when a supermarket gift card will come in handy!

They can restock the fridge and their cupboards and the panic will be over.

Student looking in fridge
Student loading car

The necessities and forgotten items

When a student first moves to university, they will set off in their parents’ car with as much as the car will allow. But there will always be something that is forgotten. It could be something as simple as washing up liquid or cleaning products to bedding or toiletries. Luckily, most day-to-day items can be picked up in a supermarket and then your supermarket gift card will come to the rescue!

Making a house a home

For a student one of the best things about moving out of the family home and moving into university accommodation is that they have their own space and can give it their own personal touch.

Conveniently, supermarkets have some amazing homeware ranges, so the student in your life can take advantage and purchase rugs, cushions, fairy lights and maybe even candles (if they’re allowed), to make their new house feel more like home.

Student in accomodation

If you’re now convinced you need to buy a supermarket gift card, take a look at our gift card range including ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Supermarket vouchers and gift cards

Supermarket vouchers and gift cards are a practical gift that will be appreciated by anyone. Used at the supermarket checkout, these allow the user to pay for the products they want. The value of the voucher or card is deducted from the shopping bill. Some supermarket gift cards can also be used online for grocery shopping.

Supermarket e-Gift Cards

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