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56 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

56 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

February 2, 2024
By Content Team
Let us help you make this Valentine's day a special day to remember with our lovely array of gifts to surprise him with
Valentines day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February and it’s a romantic occasion for any couple. If you’ve got an extra special husband or boyfriend in your life, you’ll no doubt be looking for a great gift for him.

And you’re here because you need some shopping tips!

Well, the good news for you is we’re one of the top UK presents experts. We’ve got 1,000s of gifts for him vouchers and ideas you can search through.

But this list is all about Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for him. So, it’s time to get shopping and show him how much he means to you. 

Selfridges selection hamper: £55

Gettings things off to a flier with a sumptuous food and wine hamper. This has a bottle of Prosecco and 18 pieces of salted caramels. It’s a delight for him and her, so make sure you share this to enjoy its heady delights!

Selfridges Selection
Image by Selfridges
Love2shop Gift Card

Love2shop Gift Card by Love2shop

Let your man make his shopping decisions with this excellent Love2Shop Gift Card for UK High Streets. He can use this one card at over 80 brands, including Argos, Amazon, M&S, Sports Direct, and more.

Food and theatre for two by Virgin Experience Days

Head to London for a dinner and a show with this theatre for two extravaganza! You get tickets to a West End show, with a delicious two-course meal before you head over for the evening entertainment. The perfect combo.

Three course dinner with cocktails for two by Viirgin Experience Days: £85

Located at London’s spectacular Fortnum & Mason bar, followed by a restaurant trip at the Royal Exchange, this is a three-course dinner with a difference. You’ll start the night off with cocktails before dining in fine style, so why not make his Valentine’s extra special?

sheared fleece robe
Image by John Lewis

Sheared fleece robe by John Lewis: £45

Here’s a warming dressing gown for him, which is designed with an ultra-soft fabric. It’s a great way for him to lounge around in his downtime.

Diptyque Tempo eau de perfurme by Selfridges: £153

This perfume is a Swinging Sixties concept of freedom and spirituality. It has extracts from Indonesia’s island of Sulawesi. That makes Tempo eau de parfum an exotic gift for your significant other.

Image by Selfridges

Phillips Beard Trimmer Series 9000 by Amazon: £99.99

Every guy loves to keep his facial hair in order and with this Philips beard trimmer series 9000 it’ll be easier than ever. Whether he wants that nine o’clock stubble shadow or a full beard look, this is perfect for him.

Heart logo jersey t-shirt by Selfridges: £80

This cute heart logo cotton jersey is also cool, but romantic. It’s made in Japan, 100% cotton, and lets him flash a little bit of his love for you every time he puts it on.

Jersey heart t-shirt
Image by Selfridges
I promise to always be by your side
Image by Selfridges

By your side fun card by Selfridges: £5

Here’s a cheeky little Valentine’s Day card for your significant other. The I Promise To Be By Your Side card is ideal for this special occasion. Hand it over and share a glass of wine together to celebrate the good times.

Suede Mule Moccasin slippers by Marks & Spencers: £28

Okay, slippers as Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for him are essential. With these super comfy suede moccasin slippers your guy can strut his stuff around your home with maximum snugness. They look cute and they’ll be much appreciated.

Suede Mule Moccasins
Image by Marks and Spencers
Image by The Body Shop

Boost Mandarin & Bergamot scented candle by The Body Shop: £24

Here’s a gift you can both enjoy. The Mandarin and Bergamot scented candle has an energising mix of aromas with zesty oranges to lift your mood. A great match for evening film watching sessions.

Mahli green cactus diffuser by TK Makk: £12.99

Here’s a cute cactus diffuser with lavender oil included with the set. It’s a silent diffuser that’ll gradually distribute wonderful essential oils from the elegant cactus design. Very cool, but also ideal for romantic nights.

Mahli green cactus diffuser
Image by TK Makk

KeepCup reusable coffee cup by Amazon £23.99

This one is very handy and will be loved. It’s a reusable tempered glass coffee cup! It has a splash-proof lid and brew cork brand (so he doesn’t burn his fingers). Very nifty and ideal for coffee or tea lovers.

Organic Cotton Geo Print Pyjama Bottoms
Image by John Lewis

Organic cotton geo print pyjama bottoms by John Lewis: £9

Extra comfy and stylish looking organic cotton pyjama bottoms right here. Ideal for sleepy nights in and lounging around, he’ll look nice, and these are perfect for spending some lazy time together.

Theragun 2nd Generation mini massager by John Lewis: £175

The impressive Theragun mini massager is a device that relives aches and pains. With a free app to go with it, you’ll get wellness routines and can master the art of relaxing massages together.

Image by John Lewis

Loch Ness whiskey chilling stone by Amazon: £24.95

If he likes a drink at night, then this elegant Loch Ness whisky chilling stone is a unique way for him to chill his drink (without watering it down).

Personalised vintage gin hip flask by John Lewis: £19.99

Make it personal for him with this gin hip flask with a special message embossed onto the front. Very elegant, stylish, and he can impress his mates with it, too. 

Image by John Lewis

Our Place Always Pan 2.0 by From Our Place: £130

Give him the power of home cooking! This 100% recycled Our Place Always Pan is a brilliant way to rustle up romantic dinners. The large pan has a spoon rest, removable lid, and is a custom stainless-steel design.

Shogun by James Clavell by Waterstones: £12.99

If he’s a reader, get him James Clavell’s epic Shogun (1975). Over 1,100 pages the work will take him across 17th century feudal Japan, with romance and warfare never far away for the story’s protagonist. It’s a classic and a heck of a good book.

Image by Waterstones
How do you live
Image by Waterstones

How Do You Live? by Yoshino Genzaburo by Waterstones: £15.99

For the introspective reader, How Do You Live? is an amazing coming-of-age story. It also served as some inspiration for Studio Ghibli’s recent film The Boy and the Heron, but this work will put him in wistful mood.

The Last of Us complete first season (Blue-Ray) by HMV: £19.99

Get him the entire first season of the brilliant Last of Us (season one). Brilliant drama with a poignant story and underlying theme of love. This one will make for amazing evening entertainment for you both.

Image by HMV
Image by HMV

Game of Thrones the complete series by HMV: £63.99

How about every single episode of Game of Thrones in a boxset? Sounds like perfection, right? With all the political shenanigans, war, and love stories afoot, it’s a brilliant gift for him he’ll no doubt adore.

Friends: The Complete Series by HMV: £59.99

Legendary ‘90s sitcom Friends has it all. From relationships breakups (WE WERE ON A BREAK!) to budding romance and more, it’s one of the most romantic shows from light entertainment history. This boxset has every single episode!

Image by HMV
Playstation 5
Image by Argos

PlayStation 5 by Argos: £479.99

As Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for him go, this is the big one! Whether you like gaming or not, saying you love him with Sony’s PlayStation 5 will knock his socks off. A cutting-edge console with all the latest AAA game releases, it’s the trendiest system on the market.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model with Tears of the Kingdom by Argos: £319.99

With this he can take his gaming sessions with him! Nintendo’s hugely successful Switch is a fantastic system. This OLED model is paired with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one of the most celebrated games in history. A perfect combo for him!

OLED Model with Tears of the Kingdom
Image by Argos
Xbox Series X 1TB Console
Image by Argos

Xbox Series X (1TB console) by Argos: £459.99

If he’s a Microsoft fan then this Xbox Series X is the console for him! The latest generation in the hit series of home consoles, it’s got cutting-edge graphics and all the latest major AAA releases.

Spotify Premium gift card by highstreetvouchers.com

Give him the gift of music! With a Spotify Premium gift card he can listen to all his favourite music… minus the ads! Perfection personified. 

Spotify gift card

Takeaway dice by Amazon: £3.99

Food and Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for him are all that matter (as you get thrown into the bargain, here). End the takeaway debate right now with some takeaway dice. Simply roll the dice and let fate handle your eating choice that night. Simple but effective for any romantic occasion.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats gift card by highstreetvouchers.com

Takeaways! We all love them. And with this Uber Eats gift card he (and you, of course) can order from local restaurants. Sit back, relax, and wait for your food to arrive! Then tuck in and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Just Eat gift card by highstreetvouchers.com

Pick a local restaurant and spruce up your evening meals with a Just Eat gift card. Whether you’re after a pizza, some sushi, or fast food, this little card has you fully covered.

Just Eat
Sony Braivia 4K smart TV
Image by Currys

Sony Bravia KD smart TV in 4K: £749

Why not go all out with this spectacular Sony Braivia 4K smart TV? Light entertainment will never look better, with a 55” screen to make movies genuinely jaw-dropping. Perfect viewing opportunities for him and her.

FitBit charge 5 fitness tracker by Currys: £99

Show him you care with this stylish FitBit 5 fitness tracker. It’s one of the best on the market and will keep track of his activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns. It also has up to seven days of battery life off one charge.

Amazon Echo
Image by Currys

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with Alexa by Amazon: £54.99

The Amazon Echo Dot offers hands-free voice commands through Alexa, call anyone off more voice commands, tap controls, speakers, and a whole lot more! It’s a brilliant way to put him in control of his entertainment.

Alesis Nitro mesh electronic drum kit by Currys: £379.99

Does he love the drums (or always hinted he wants to play)? Well, you can’t go wrong with this Alesis mesh electronic drum kit. With four drum pads, three cymbals, and bass drum pedal, he’ll be able to play LOUD… while everything stays pretty quiet around him.

ALESIS Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit
Image by Currys
ENCORE EW100BK Acoustic Guitar - Black
Image by Currys

Encore acoustic guitar by Currys: £86.99

This is a musical Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boyfriends. Get him a beautiful Encore acoustic guitar in black, complete with a full wooden body for a classic sound. It has six strings and allows for easy tuning with its die-cast machine heads. Fantastic for him to practice (or learn) some love songs on.

CosmoGrill outdoor barbecue by B&Q: £164.99

If he likes to BBQ outdoors then this CosmoGrill XL charcoal smoker will be a thing of beauty for him. It cooks for up to 12 people at once, has temperature control built in and even has a bottle opener on the front! We’ll drink to that.

Image by B&Q
Fitness Mad 10kg kettlebell
Image by Decathlon

Fitness Mad 10kg kettlebell by Decathlon: £53.99

After all that BBQ food, he’ll probably want to keep himself trim. This 10kg kettlebell will make him buff in no time, an ideal tool for toning his physique and strengthening his muscles and cardio. 

Touring mountain bike by Decathlon: £349.99

Here’s a 27.5” touring mountain bike that’s easy for him to hit the road with. It’s great for beginners and a sturdy little number, capable of taking off the track and hitting some muddy terrain. A brilliant one if he wants to get more active.

touring mountain bike
Image by Decathlon
Prosecco trio
Image by Laithwaites

Prosecco sparking trio by Laithwaites: £45

A trio of Prosecco? We think anyone would be sold on that instantly! This set includes three classics, including a striking pink Prezza. Give this gift… and enjoy drinking some of it with him, too.

Fitness Mad 10kg kettlebell by Decathlon: £53.99

After all that BBQ food, he’ll probably want to keep himself trim. This 10kg kettlebell will make him buff in no time, an ideal tool for toning his physique and strengthening his muscles and cardio. 

Fitness Mad 10kg kettlebell
Image by Decathlon
Image by Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat chocolate & fizz hamper: £50

Throw a fantastic hamper into the Valentine’s mix with this Hotel Chocolat chocolate and fizz selection. He’ll get macarons, pink champagne truffles, a mini-Presecco, and more! And, yes, he’ll have to share a lot of it with you. 

Bleu De Chanel by John Lewis: £72

Fancy sounding name aside, Bleu de Chanel is an Eau de Toilette spray. It has scents of a woody fragrance and was created with masculine freedom in mind. The ideal gift this Valentine’s. 

Bleu De CHANEL Eau de Toilette Spray
Image by John Lewis
Dior Sauvage
Image by John Lewis

Dior Sauvage by John Lewis: £79

Here’s a seductive Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boyfriends. This is the UK’s bestselling fragrance, making it a brilliant male perfume for him on Valentine’s Day. Dior Sauvage parfum features a vanilla aroma from Papua New Guinea, creating an exotic and ambery sensual scent. 

Thick brim beanie by Primark: £3.50

Available in black, this thick brim beanie is an eye-catching, fetching little number. Once on his bonce, you’re sure to love the sight of your man even more.

Sushi pyjamas by Primark: £10

Put a smile on his face with these sushi print hipster pyjamas! A bit out of the ordinary, but with their adorable designs any Japanese food enthusiast will swoon for these. 

The Simpsons Homer bush snuddie
Image by Primark

The Simpsons Homer bush snuddie: £24

It’s one of the most popular memes on the internet! Homer disappearing backwards into a bush. Now, your man can keep warm during his downtime with this Simpsons Homer bush snoodie. Guaranteed to be a hit, we assure you.

Skinny double breasted suit jacket by Boohoo: £31.50

This is to make him look smart and sharp. An exquisite double breasted suit jacket, the best match for a Valentine’s day date (or any other special occasion). 

Image by Boohoo
Lyndon king size duvet cover
Image by TK Makk

Lyndon company super king white duvet cover by TK Makk: £140

Shake up your nighttime routine with this spectacular, ultra-comfy Lyndon king size duvet cover. This duvet set has a red trim, two pillow covers, and its stunning white design will make your sleeping patterns much better.

Roberto Cavalli silver tone watch by TK Makk: £295

Take his time telling to the next level with this Roberto Cavalli chronograph watch. A stunning looking watch, its silver tone design is matched by stainless steel construction. 

Roberto Cavalli silver tone watch
Image by TK Makk

An Urban massage gift voucher by highstreetvouchers.com

With over 30 treatments to choose from, let him relax with this Urban massage gift card. It’ll help him unwind, either with a deep tissue massage, urban classic, osteopathy sessions, or whatever else he fancies. 

Einhell Power X-Change Power Tool Set
Image by B&Q

Einhell Power X-Change power tools by B&Q: £189.99

What is a man if he doesn’t have a drill!? Well, with this top-notch power tool set with combi-drill, he can be the man about the house (which is a great way for you to get him to do some chores while you put your feet up).

Morphy Richards Easy Time 6.5L slow cooker by Argos: £80

If he likes to cook, then this Morphy Richards easy time slow cooker is for him. With 6.5 litres of space, thee front-facing dial takes the guesswork out of his cooing with auto-shut off features for the perfect stew.

Morphy Richards Easy Time 6.5L slow cooker
Image by Argos
Upholstered Grey Velvet Double Ottoman Lift Up
Image by B&Q

Upholstered grey velvet double ottoman storage bed by B&Q: £234.99

How about a super comfy new bed for the pair of you? A double ottoman LIFT UP storage bed?! That’s right, it’s comfy by night, but also contains storage space below the frame to stop him from creating a man cave.

The Fuzzy Duck luxury wash bag gift set by Boots: £22.50

Here’s a fantastic Fuzzy Duck wash bag for your man, containing shampoo, hair and body wash, shower gel, and aftershave balm. It’s suitable for vegans and the contents all have a rich fragrance of bergamot and hemp to keep him smelling lovely.

Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Bergamot Hemp & Sandalwood
Image by Boots
Bulldog shaving kit
Image by Boots

Bulldog shaving set by Boots: £40

Here’s a traditional style Bulldog shaving set, complete with bamboo razor, moisturiser, and shave brush. If he wants to manage his facial hair the traditional way, this has all the look and feel of just that. 

Ted Baker bath and body washbag by Boots: £18

A gentleman’s bathing survival kit, right here! Ted Baker’s bath and body wash set contains graphite black hair and body wash and spray. With this in his life he’ll never have to worry about sprucing up nicely for date night. 

Ted Baker Bath And Body Washbag Gift
Image by Boots
LEGO Technic PEUGEOT 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar
Image by Argos

LEGO Peugeot 9X8 25 hour Le Mans hybrid by Argos: £170

If he loves a bit of motorsport, and piecing cars together, then this LEGO Peugeot Le Mans set is the perfect present! With 1,775 pieces he’ll be set for months with this passion project.

UK’s #1 multi-retailer gift card

Load up each card with any value up to £400, Love2shop Gift Cards give you the freedom to choose the exact amount you wish to spend.

Love2shop gift card

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