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60 Best Gift Ideas for Dads (Books, Food, Gadgets, and More!)

60 Best Gift Ideas for Dads (Books, Food, Gadgets, and More!)

April 26, 2024
By Content Team
Dads: The Toughest Gift Givers to Please (But We've Got You Covered!) see 60 amazing gift ideas for dads
gift ideas for dads

We know it’s super important to get the right gift for dad. Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day (a great time to hand over gift cards), or whatever else, you need an awesome present  (or two).

That’s why we’re on hand to provide great gift ideas for dads! 60 of them to be precise, which is guaranteed to find your father the ideal present. Let’s get shopping!

Good ideas for presents for dads (ones so good he’ll stop making dad jokes)

We’ve got an excellent selection of gifts for him from top stores across the UK. From which our team have handpicked some of the best presents money can buy.

The ultimate beer mug: £110

Getting our ideas for a present for dad underway with… beverages! For a cool £100, you can get pops the ultimate beer mug! It’s the Lismore Connoisseur crystal glass beer mug, to be precise, and it’s a thing of beauty. Slugging from this will take his beverage drinking game to new heights.

Selfridges glass beer mug
Image by Selfridges
Love2shop Gift Card

Love2shop Gift Card by Love2shop

Why not let dad do his own shopping!? That’s not doomed to failure at all with a mega Love2Shop gift card. With one card he can spend the preset amount at over 50 top UK High Street stores, including Amazon, M&S, and Waitrose.

Sheared fleece robe by John Lewis: £45

epic historical drama Shōgun. Over 1,000 pages it tells the story of the first Englishman in feudal Japan and it’s a riveting read.

Image by Waterstones
Seven Brief Lessons-on-Physics
Image by Waterstones

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics: £9.99

Carlo Rovelli’s surprise bestseller is a brilliant introduction to the complex world of advanced science stuff. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics is a brief, brilliant read and will introduce him to quantum mechanics, black holes, time, heat, and probability. All in accessible ways!

LEGO McLaren F1 2022 car: £170

Is a motorsport buff? Then he’s going to love this LEGO McLaren F1 2022 car. Across some 1,432 pieces he can put together this modern marvel of technology into one fancy piece of kit. Should keep him busy.

Image by Argos
Fitbit Charge 6
Image by Currys

FitBit Charge 6 Fitness Tracker: £139

Help dad stay fit and healthy with this FitBit Charge 6. It’s easy-to-use and tracks steps, distance, calories, sleep patterns, and is water resistant! With a battery life of up to seven days, it’ll become an important part of his daily life.

Delonghi Distinta X four-slice toaster: £109

Take his breakfast routine to the next level with this Distinta four-slice toaster. With a defrost function, reheat, extra-wide slots, and high-lift eject, it’ll make his toast better than ever. And hurray to that!

Image by Currys

Nespresso smart coffee machine: £99.99

Present ideas for your dad, the coffee fantastic, start right here! Available to use with over 30 types of coffee pods, this 19-bar pressure coffee making machine includes automatic shut-ff and will great the perfect coffee every time.

Rihla Pro 99: £130

You could get a fancy enough gift card, they work a treat… but how about this ultra-high-quality Rihla football? It’s an official FIFA match ball design and provides exceptional playing fun and games, whether he loves playing or just spectating. 

Camden Town brewery tour for two: £51

A trip for two through Camden town brewery (with beer tasting sessions guaranteed). Sounds like a dad dream come true, right? Get it booked and he’ll have the time of his life over a 75-minute tour (there’s a half pint on arrival FYI).

Aston Martin replica driving day: £118

If he’s a petrolhead for historic vehicles, you can’t go wrong with this Aston Martin replica driving day. He gets the chance to drive two iconic cars at a choice of locations across the UK (all after tips from a professional instructor).

Two secret supercar driving experience: £118

Need present ideas for dad, the reader? If he’s got nerves of steel then this secret supercar driving experience is the gift for him! After training from an expert driver, he’ll get eight laps (four in each model) to have an absolute beast of a time.

The Little Book of Dad Jokes: £6.50

Let him perfect his terrible punning game with The Little Book of Dad Jokes, which is guaranteed to keep him occupied (all while keeping the family groaning in dismay).

The Little Book of Dad Jokes: So bad they're good
Image by WH Smith

Solo Stove fire pit bonfire: £199.99

With a striking stainless steel design, this Solo Stove fire pit is something any dad will love. It’s a portable heater with some fancy features, providing warmth wherever he wants to head (hiking trips, fishing etc.). Proper dad stuff, this.

VonHaus Pizza Oven Outdoor
Image by B&Q

VonHous Pizza Oven outdoor: £149.99

Perfect for a little taste of Italy on his doorstep, the VonHous outdoor pizza oven looks the part and delivers perfect pizza every time. Whether he’s a gourmet chef or not, it’s difficult to go wrong with this piece of kit.

CosmoGrill duo dual charcoal BBQ: £339.99

Great gift ideas for dads wouldn’t be complete without this! You call that a BBQ?! No, THIS is a BBQ! It’s the CosmoGrill dual charcoal barbecue to be precise! Packed with fancy features to get to grips with, dads will love taking control of this one when roasting up plenty of delicious delights.

Image by B&Q
Image by Selfridges

Seastar stainless steel quartz watch: £335

Remind him of the joys of keeping time with this fantastic Seatstar steel quartz watch. T features a round dial, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, integrated dial, calendar aperture at three o’clock, Swiss quartz movement, stainless steel bracelet

Whiskey chilling stones gift set: £38.98

Here’s a whiskey chilling stones gift set, complete with six handcrafted granite sipping rocks and two glass tumblers. All presented in exquisite fashion in its own case.

100 Great Pub Walks: £12.99

Does dad like pubs? Does he like walking? Then combine the two with this 100 Great Pub Walks book! A brilliant guide to British boozers, followed by unique walking routes nearby.

National Trust 100 Great Pub Walks
Image by National Trust

Monocular telescope for wildlife and bird watching: £69.99

Some dads just like to see stuff off in the distance. With this incredible monocular telescope, he’ll be able to do just that. With a 22mm large eye lens, easy adjust focus, and zoom focus scope he’ll be able to make out a pigeon over a blackbird any day of the week.

Calvin Klein Logo Jacquard Bucket Hat in Jacquard Mono Black
Image by Asos

Reni hat: £50

If he’s a certain age (an ‘80s or ‘90s fella) then ideas for a present for dad don’t get more nostalgic than this! Get your dad a Reni hat. Not only are these bucket hats very trendy at the moment, but they’ll also keep him cool in the sun. Ideal for holidays and the summer season!

Bora bora booney hat: £30

Why not go a step towards ultra-shade with this Bora Bora booney hat in beige? With this on his bonce, there’s no way dad will get sunburn. Good ideas for presents for dads are dang cool, as we’re showing! 

Columbia Unisex Bora Bora booney hat in beige
Image by Asos
APPLE Watch SE (2023) - 40 mm Starlight Aluminium Case with Starlight Sports Band
Image by Currys

Apple Watch: £208

A handy Apple Watch to enhance his life? Not only does it track steps and overall health, but it’s compatible with iOS. All of his desired smartphone notifications will go straight to his watch! Handy (pun intended).

VonHaus ultimate tool kit: £49.99

Some dads just like to fix stuff. And with the VonHaus ultimate tool kit, well there’s no way he won’t be able to fix everything! With 120 pieces (including LED torch, hex keys, and tape measure), he’ll be the ultimate workman.

VonHaus Tool Kit - Ultimate 120 pcs Tool Box for Beginners - Includes Hand Tools, LED Torch, Hex Keys, 3m Tape Measure & More
Image by B&Q
Daewoo U-FORCE Series Cordless Handheld Mini Chainsaw 10cm with Hard Case + 2.0Ah Battery + Charger
Image by B&Q

Cordless handheld mini-chainsaw: £109.99

It’s surprising how handy a cordless mini-chainsaw can be around the garden! Armed with this, dad will be able to get plenty of gardening done in double-fast-time.

Hobsons mixed English real ale (6 x 500ml pack): £20

After all that tool kit, man about the house stuff… well, dad will probably want a beer! And you can’t go wrong with this mixed taster selection of Hobson ales. He will be pleased with this selection.

Miraval Rose (case of six): £139.99

If he’s more of a oenophile, then this stunning case of Miraval Rose will win him over. Best served chilled, it’s an excellent apéritif and matches fish meals any day of the week.

Scuff sheepskin slippers: £100

Gifts ideas for dad wouldn’t be complete without some pampering moments. With ale in hand, why shouldn’t dad put his feet up while wearing some Scuff sheepskin slippers?! With an ultra-comfy design and easy to slip on, these are mega slippers.

Scuff sheepskin slippers
Image by Selfridges
Multicoloured Letter Slipper Socks
Image by Matalan

Multicoloured slipper socks: £3.50

Sometimes some ultra-comfy slippers are important. These lettered slipper socks more than do the job and perfectly complement a pair of slippers.

C64 Mini home computer: £69.99

Is he a fan of retro gaming? Then you can’t go wrong with the outstanding C64 Mini, a home computer styled on the Commodore 64 from the 1980s. Complete with joypad and over 60 pre-installed games, it’s a mighty little number!

Carrera Valour Men’s Mountain Bike: £335

Why not give dad a new lease of life? With this outstanding Carrera Valour mountain bike, he’ll be able to take off down unbeaten tracks, get muddy, and have an exhilarating time of it.

Carrera Valour Mens Mountain Bike
Image by Halfords
Lazer Jackal KinetiCore Helmet
Image by Halfords

Lazar Jackall KinetiCore helmet: £159.00

Why not keep dad safe on his bike with this ultra-cool KinetiCore helmet? It looks the aerodynamic part and features controlled crumple zones, plus goggle grips to keep his helmet secure when riding.

Nextbase iQ 1K smart dash cam: £349

For when he’s out and about driving, this feature-heavy Nextbase smart dash cam is an incredible piece of kit. It’ll record everything on the road, had 4G WiFi connectivity, and AI tech for recording precision.

Nextbase iQ 1K smart dash cam
Image by Halfords
PlayStation 5 Model Group Slim Console 4
Image by Argos

PlayStation 5: £409

If he’s a gamer, then this could well be the ultimate of gift ideas for dads. It’s the latest cutting-edge console from Sony. The PlayStation 5 has all the latest AAA blockbuster games and your dad will just love trying them out on this impressive piece of gaming tech!

Xbox Seres X 1TB: £459.99

Microsoft’s latest console is a powerful piece of kit, with the Xbox Series X (with 1TB memory) the fastest machine they’ve ever built. It plays all the latest AAA games and is packed with impressive features.

Xbox Series X 1TB Console
Image by Argos
Nintendo Switch OLED Console - White
Image by Argos

Nintendo Switch OLED: £299.99

The enormously popular Nintendo Switch has an OLED model, this included advanced performance. And full access to Nintendo’s incredible catalogue of Switch exclusives (including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe).

Spear & Jackson cordless lawn mower: £255

If you’ve got a lawn, then dad needs to mow it. And he can with this super-efficient and cordless rotary lawn mower. The contraption is fully chargeable and features rear roller and integrated grass guides to make lawn mowing a cinch.

Spear & Jackson cordless lawn mower
Image by Argos
Black + Decker 60cm Corded Hedge Trimmer
Image by Argos

Black & Decker corded hedge trimmer: £80

This is a versatile and easy-to-use hedge trimmer from Black & Decker. Featuring a 600W motor and 60cm dual cutting action from asymmetric blades, no hedge is going to go uncut with this available in his garden shed.

Sondico professional football table: £499.99

Everyone loves a football table! And with this dad, friends, and family can have a blast scoring goals and winning matches. From the stylish Sondico brand, it’s set in a 1-3-5-2 formation and features a ball cup holder and score rail.

Sondico professional football table
Image by Sports Direct
Logo Billfold Wallet
Image by Sports Direct

Emporio Armani Logo Billford wallet: £130

This is a very impressive, stylish, even sophisticated leather wallet! Created with grained leather, it has many card slips and a notes section. It’s embossed with the Emporio Armani logo to show its class.

Selfridges ultimate treats hamper: £100

A hamper of impressive food treats, ahoy! This Selfridges ultimate treats selection features caramel truffles, shortbread bites, tea mini trio box, a large chocolate can… and more! Not just for dad, this is for the whole family to enjoy.

The Ultimate Treats hamper
Image by Selfridges
SELFRIDGES Wine Selection
Image by Selfridges

Champagne and wine gift box: £85

This is a fancy champagne and wine Selfridges box set. It features a stylish wooden presentation box, in which there lies a Brut champagne, Côtes du Rhône red, and Framingham sauvignon blanc. Nothing to whine about here, then.

Crystal sunglasses: £164

These are cooler than cooler! Some irregular-frame crystal sunglasses for those sunny days (or, frankly, any occasion). They feature a two-toned frame with tinted lenses and branded arm.  

Image by Selfridges
HUSH Black Wool Fedora
Image by TK Maxx

Hush black wool fedora: £39.99

There comes a certain age when every dad needs a black wool fedora. This is perfect example of why it suits blokes, with a stylish look marking someone ageing like a fine wine.

Batcombe far dark tan leather: £100

A sophisticated set of far dark tan brogues, these are designed with a crafted stitching on the slick leather to make them shine and stand out. But they’re also comfy to wear, with plush cushioning on the soles.

Image by Clarks
Image by Clarks

Craft Clifton go black shoes: £100

Here’s a classic black shoe, featuring an Oxford silhouette for a stylish look that’ll suit any dad. Ideal for special occasions, big events, weddings, and happy days looking the part.

Monochrome striped knitted scarf: £7.50

A scarf for the winter seasons, this stylish looking monochrome knitted scarf isn’t overly flashy. It’ll suit a dad who likes a laid-back style that keeps him warm in the winter months.

Knitted Scarf
Image by Next
Gun Metal Textured Cufflink And Tie Clip Set
Image by Next

Gun metal textured cufflink and tie clip set: £18

For that sophisticated dad look, here we have textured cufflinks with tie clips as a set. For the distinguished gentleman, these have a luxurious sheen and will match a suit and tie combo for special occasions.

Beret flat cap: £8

Here’s a woven textured beret flat cap that looks the part and even has an adjustable fastening on the back. For that Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders look, this is the one.

Charcoal Grey Texture Flat Cap
Image by Next

Handcrafted wooden chess set with magnetic pieces: £58.99

Chess is a game of kings! Where great strategic minds rule! So, it’s a great battleground for dads to head out into to prove their might. This handcrafted wooden chess set is the real deal just for that.

15-inch folding chess and checkers set: £34.99

A great one for dads frequently travelling, this wooden folding chess and checkers set will provide fun and games wherever he is in the world. Top tip: it helps if he knows how to play chess and checkers with this one!

Dernier black canvas business trolley bag: £185

If he’s constantly on the move, then dad needs a black canvas business trolley bag. This makes travelling life much easier! And he’ll be very thankful for that.

Image by TK Makk
Opti Vinyl Barbell and Dumbbell Weight Set 50kg
Image by Argos

Opti barbell and dumbbell weight set: £75

It’s important for dads to keep in shape as they get older. This barbell and dumbbell set will boost his strength and get him nearing Arnold Schwarzenegger levels in next to no time (okay, maybe four, five, or six months).

Sakari professional chef knife: £82.99

If he wants to up his chef game then you can’t go wrong with this impressive Mitosumoto Sakari chef’s knife. An ultra-high-quality chef’s knife styled on traditional Japanese cooking, making it ideal for slicing veg and fish. 

Haruka porcelain sushi set: £24.99

Presented in an exquisite case, this beautiful sushi set includes ceramic black and white plates, bowls, and chopsticks. If he’s a sushi fan, this is the set for him.

Soundcore noise cancelled headphones: £79.99

Modern gifts for dad ideas? Dangerous territory, but this will improve his life. Teach dad about the joys of noise cancelling headphones! These will let him keep his focus as they include 40 hours of listening time, a fast charger, and access to all his favourite beats.

Apple AirPods: £169

Whether dad knows how to use these mega third-generation Apple AirPods or not, they’re well worth getting. Give him a quick demo of how they work, then he can go wireless into the world and headbang to dad rock and all his other favourites.

AirPods 3rd Generation earphones with Lightning charging case
Image by Selfridges
Image by Selfridges

Personalised champagne bottle and case: £72.99

The last of the great gift ideas for dads! And the best!? Well, that’s subjective! But this is a personalised bottle of bubbly, so yes we can’t say it’s not a humdinger. Arriving in a fantastic yellow presentation case, within it contains a Brut NV champagne. Pop the bottle and enjoy!

UK’s #1 multi-retailer gift card

Load up each card with any value up to £400, Love2shop Gift Cards give you the freedom to choose the exact amount you wish to spend.

Love2shop gift card

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