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40 gift ideas for children’s special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and more!)

40 gift ideas for children’s special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and more!)

May 8, 2024
By Content Team
Looking for a perfect gift ideas for women? We have the perfect answer, whether it's for Birthday or Christmas gifts.
gift ideas for children

Finding gift ideas for children’s special occasions is super easy here. You want to get your kid something fantastic, fun, and super cool? Well, we’re the experts!

Whether it’s a games console, food, drinks, clothes, toys, books, or something even more wacky and entertaining, you’ll find 40 mega ideas right here in this list. Get shopping!

Gift ideas for kids: Toys, books, clothes, food, games consoles, and more!

Without further ado, let’s muck into this and show our best party trick—picking the best presents on the market. From awesome stocking fillers to the best birthday gifts, you’ll find it all here.

Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing bundle: £388.99

This Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing bundle offers fun for all the family. The smash hit console and critically acclaimed life sim game offer a wonderful time building a diddy, cute village in an animal paradise (packed with trademark Nintendo charm and humour).

PS5 Argos
Image by Argos

PlayStation 5: £479.99

Guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any young whippersnapper, here we have Sony’s PS5 console. It’s cutting-edge stuff and has all the latest AAA blockbuster games available to buy.

Xbox Series X: £459.99

Another cutting-edge console with all the most recent games available, here’s Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (packed with 1TB of memory). No quibbles with this one! Just the very best modern gaming for your kid’s special occasion.

Image by Argos
Love2shop gift card

Love2shop e-Gift card

Of course, you can always hand over a Love2shop e-Gift card for you child. With this, they can spend responsibly at over 50+ High Street stores across the UK. Whether they fancy some food, clothes, books, games, or anything else… they’re sorted with this one!

The Twits by Roald Dahl: £7.99

You can’t go round with this all-time classic! Roald Dahl’s wickedly mischievous The Twits is about two smelly and foul people who lead a mischievous life. However, they get their comeuppance at the hands of the Muggle-Wumps!

ronald dahl twits
Image by Waterstones
The tiger who came for tea
Image by Waterstones

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr: £7.99

This magical picture book is about Sophie and the tiger who turns up for a spot of tea. Yes, it’s The Tiger WhThe Tiger Who Came to Teao Came to Tea and it’s celebrated worldwide for being a children’s book classic. Grrrrrr!

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss: £7.99

Another children’s classic, this has a great rhyming slang to it all! Green Eggs and Ham is good fun, full of amazing pictures, and it’s famous for teaching kids how to read and write. Awesome book.

Image by Waterstones

Pikachu plus toy: £13.99

Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a Pikachu plush toy. With its cuteness rating off the chart and on another planet, your kid will love this. Fantastic for hugs and cuddles, it’ll be a favourite toy for sure.

Image by HMV

Pokémon Pokeball Bluetooth headphones: £24.99

If you can imagine the ideal kids’ headphones you’d probably invent Pokémon Pokeball headphones. And, well, that’s exactly what you’ve got here! Got to listen to them all with these cool as a cucumber things.

Street Fighter arcade unit: £600

Okay, if you really want to splash out then CHECK THIS! The Street Fighter arcade unit is a spectacular thing and a fantastic way to introduce your kid to the joys of retro gaming. It’s 100% wood, 155cm tall, and has a 17” LCD screen to show off Capcom’s classic.

Image by Selfridges
Image by Declathon

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque 50ml by Boots – £11.80

After a long day of running errands, self-care is the best way to relax. Indulging in a face mask is simple yet effective form of wellness. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque is made to revitalise and smooth weary-looking skin for a fresh look.

Kids 25” lightweight mountain bike: £279.99

If their biking game is quite advanced then this mega aluminium kid’s mountain bike is the logical step forward. A great way to get offroad and explore the world!

Image by Declathlon

Bitzee digital pet: £28.55

You remember the Tamagotchi craze from the ‘90s? The Bitzee digital pet is a bit like that, but stepped up to the max! Your kids will love looking after this virtual pet, which reacts to screen swipes, tilts, and petting. The more they play, the more pets get unlocked (with 15 in total from one pod).

Tiny Lands fort building kit: £150.84

It’s time for your kids to master the magical art of fort building with this kit! Perfect for those rainy days or sleepy Sundays, the kid includes blankets, a bulb, a stick/ball game, plus the frames to construct the ULTIMATE fort!

Harry Potter Dobble: £11.49

This is a brilliant spot the difference image game where quick reactions rule the world! The great thing here is this is Harry Potter Dobble, using that most magical of universes to add extra oomph to the fun and games.

Dobble Harry Potter
Image by John Lewis

Christmas gift ideas for kids

Ho ho ho! We all know Xmas is the ultimate time of year for kids. Lots of delicious food and plenty of amazing presents.

Need some epic Santa-based ideas? Well, here are the children’s gift ideas for Christmas you simply don’t want to miss out on.

Aroma Home Snuggable Fox: £19.95

Heck, we’re tempted by one of these! This super cute snuggable aroma fox can be placed in a microwave and heated up! A kid will love this for cuddles on cold evenings while watching a film or two.

Image by M&S

Connect Four: £16

Here’s an all-time classic! The Four in a Row game is a mini-set that’s very portable and lets kids put their minds at work strategically. Drop the counters, plan ahead, compete for glory.

LEGO Duplo Bath Time set: £9

For the younger child, this is fantastic way to learn about the joys of LEGO! The LEGO Duplo daily routines set has 15 pieces and will set a kid’s imagination alight. But don’t forget to supervise younger children with these toys due to the small pieces in the set.

Image by Argos
Image by Argos

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon set: £75

Some advanced, Force-based LEGO incoming! Here’s the awe-inspiring LEGO Millennium Falcon model set, complete with 921 pieces. A must for any Star Wars loving kid eager to craft something magnificent.

LEGO Marvel I am Groot: £44.99

A must for any superhero fan, this is an I am Groot LEGO set with moveable parts. Marvel fans who’ve seen the Guardians of the Galaxy films will swoon for this figure and make it one of their fave toys.

Image by M&S
Furby plush toy Argos
Image by Argos

Furby Tie Dye Interactive plush toy: £65

You really can’t go wrong with this. The Furby tie dye interactive toy packs in loads of fun. With over 600 phrases, jokes, songs, and much more to discover, this bundle of joy will have your kids giggling like crazy.

Tonies Toniebox starter set (red): £79.99

Tonies Toniebox is a glorious musical story box. Kids gets hours of fun with this from songs and stories as delivered by the box! There’s an app to go with it and this squishy, portable little box provides 10+ hours of daily battery charged fun.

Image by WHSmith
Dinosaur book Waterstones
Image by Waterstones

Press Out and Decorate Dinosaurs book: £9.99

Yeah, we all know kids have a thing for dinosaurs. Roar! They’re big beasts and they inspired a lot in the imagination. That’s why this Press Out and Decorate dinosaur book is the ideal present for any dino crazy creative sort.

World map jigsaw: £16.99

With all the technology and gizmos around these days, sometimes it’s important to remind kids of good old-fashioned types of fun. Such as a world map jigsaw! Great for focussing concentration levels and having a chitchat.

World Map Jigsaw Waterstones
Image by Waterstones

The Dinosaur that Pooped Easter! £7.99

Okay, so Christmas gift ideas for children can be maximum silliness. This one is certain to get a kid giggling in less than 10 seconds. The Dinosaur That Pooped Easter! Is a lift-the-flap adventure booked packed with hilarious drawings and lots of daft laughs.

Easter gift ideas for kids

As you know, chocolate is the name of the game over Easter. But you can mix it up a little bit, as the time usually coincides with a spot of sunshine.

So, these Easter gift ideas for children (and the whole family) will inspire you to get out there and enjoy yourselves (or else!).

Go Ape Junior Treetop Adventure: £45

We all have that forgetful friend, the one who’d lose her head if it wasn’t attached. Spare her the nightmare of losing her keys by gifting her a keyring. This heart-shaped Caroline Gardner keychain comes in a bold design of black polka dots, making it easily spottable.

Zip World Velocity: £225

This is a trip for two at Zip World Velocity. A supercharged adrenaline rush is the name of the game, with a zipline rampage across some of the UK’s most dramatic Welsh quarries. Hit speeds of 100mph and let your daredevil child love this trip.

Man Utd Old Trafford tour: £57

If you’ve got a footie mad football kid who loves Man Utd. then this stadium tour is for you! See the ground like never before with a walk through the player’s tunnel and a trip through the dressing rooms. A magic experience.

Sunnyland splash play pool: £39.99

It’s difficult to beat a play pool on a sunny day and this multi-coloured splash play pool delivers some serious fun. Fill it up, splash on in, and good times are ensured for any kid.

Image by TK Makk

Gift ideas for children’s party bags

Looking for some funky little knick-knacks to fill up those all-important party bags? Well, look no further! These itty-bitty things are just perfect for any special occasion.

Fingerlings: £17.99

These adorable little things attach to your finger and look awesome. Fingerlings are cute and interactive, with each one having a unique voice of its own, personality, and over 70 sounds it can chirrup away.

Cute Star Wars Loot Set: £16

This Cute Loot Star Wars set is family fun for players five years and up! You also get an adorkable baby Yoda thrown into the mix with a great fun card game: collect, attack, then take naps.

Star Wars Grogu Game WHSmith
Image by WHSmith
Image by Selfridges

Flake chocolate bar box: £49.99

Do a Flake chocolate bar extravaganza! Get this box and you get 48 of the things in a big box for the whole family to munch on. Ideal? Yes. Also great for distribution across many little party bags!

30 super cute cartoon animal pens: £8.98

Okay, for less than a tenner you get 30 (thirty!) cartoon animal pens in all sorts of colours. Kids will love these and you can share them out among party bags, where the kids can go mad and draw to their heart’s content.

Retro candies and sweets: £9.99

An excellent pack of retro jelly, fizzy, and chewy candies and sweeties. All provided in a sealable pouch, although there’s plenty enough here to fill many a party bag. Kids will be pleased as punch with this lot!

Motivational stickers for kids: £4.49

A cool batch of multi-coloured motivational stickers! These little things can wow kids and with an array of amazing, super designs they’re ideal for a party bag.

Bubbles! £8.50

We all remember these from sunny days as kids. And they’re perfect for any generation. Henbrandt’s 24 pack of bubbles is about as bubbletastic as it gets. Include these in a party bag and the fun will never stop.

Silly glasses: £15.49

Nine pairs of funny and silly sunglasses coming right up. Can’t go wrong with these. Kids loves wearing them and looking goofy, with giggle galore and that’s only ever a good thing.

Make your own party hat: £6.99

A bit of creativity never goes amiss. With these 12 colourful, funny, cute animal designs kids can design their own party hat. Googly eyes are essential and all sorts of other mega flourishes.

Craft Tub WHSmith
Image by WHSmiths

Craft Tub: £16.99

Spur on your child’s creativity with this epic WHSmiths craft tub. It’s packed with excellent little knick knacks that’ll unleash their sense of fun, including 2000 coloured pencils and plenty of other delights.

UK’s #1 multi-retailer gift card

Load up each card with any value up to £400, Love2shop Gift Cards give you the freedom to choose the exact amount you wish to spend.

Love2shop gift card

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